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This minimal portfolio allows you to highlight your creative work. Perfect for creative agencies and freelancers. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any type of creative.

Download it here.


To start making edits to your theme you’ll need to go on to your blog page and click Edit Theme at the top right.

Edit theme


By default the banner will be switched on. You can immediately switch it off totally by un-ticking the Banner option.


Banner Image

The banner image will stretch the full width and height of the device it is being viewed on. Recommended upload size is 1400×900 (widthxheight). To upload the image find the Banner Background image uploader on the customize screen.

banner image upload

Banner Text

You can add a description on top of the banner. This can be found in the Banner Text textbox.


You can also customize the text colour by changing the Banner Text colour.


Banner Buttons

Banner buttons can be switched off by finding the toggle and switching off Banner Button 1 & Banner Button 2.

To customize the text find the Banner Button URL & Title boxes.


By default the logo will be your blog title. You can customize the colour by finding the Logo colour box on the customize screen.


Default text logo size and case (lowercase-uppercase) can be customised in the options from the following dropdown.



You can upload an image as the logo which will be resized to fit. Find the Logo image upload section on the customize screen.


The theme uses Tumblr Archive, RSS & Random links which can be turned off easily. There are options to add Custom links which you can choose to link to any page. e.g.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 23.45.08

The custom links will only show in the Sidebar so make sure that you have the Sidebar turned on


By default the navigation will only show in the sidebar. To ensure it shows up turn on the Sidebar and Navigation toggles.



To add follow me links to your social media on the Sidebar you will need to first turn on the Sidebar Social Links then you will want to add the direct links to the relevant text boxes.

sociallinks1 sociallinks2

To add the search box to the sidebar toggle the Sidebar Search option.

Post Columns

You can choose between having 1-5 columns for posts. The option is Post Columns. 


Google Analytics

The theme has built-in support for Google Analytics tracking. On Google Analytics create a new property for your Tumblr blog address and paste that tracking ID in to the Google Analytics ID field in your blog’s Customization settings.



The themes sidebar has a few widgets that you can edit to make your own. You can add an avatar, text widget, search widget, social links and other social widgets to display your feeds.

To use the sidebar enable the Sidebar option in the Tumblr customize screen.

Sidebar toggle

Instagram & Twitter Feeds

It also supports Instagram and Twitter widgets. To display your most recent Instagram photos you’ll need your Access Token and User ID which you can get here. Once you’ve got them you’ll need to put them in the Dual options.

Instructions on linking your Twitter.

Sidebar Description

The sidebar uses the deffault Tumblr Description. So firstly fill out the Description on the customize screen then turn on the option Show description at the top.

show description



The standard avatar will only be uploaded as the favicon. To upload an avatar to the Sidebar you will need to upload it to the Sidebar Avatar section.

sidebar avatar


Typekit Fonts

You can add custom fonts from Typekit. You will need to enter your Typekit ID and Typekit font which will then change your blogs font. You can get more help with this here.


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If you’d like to see how our themes look with your own content you can do so.

In your Tumblr customization options press Browse Themes and search for askfuse.

Choose the theme you would like to preview and it will open up with your content.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 23.18.03