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Instagram Connect

Use the button below to get your Instagram Access Token and User ID. Once you click the button you’ll be prompted to log into your Instagram account and authorize the website to read your Instagram information.

Once authorized you’ll be returned back to this page with both your Instagram Access Token and User ID in the URL bar. This is only a token generator, no data is stored anywhere.

Get User ID and Access Token

Once you’ve clicked on the button and been redirected to this page your User ID and Access Token will be in the URL, here’s an example.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 19.39.18


Look for access_token=, everything after that is your access token. The numbers between access_token= and the . is your user ID. So for example:

Access token= 28271343321.e31339ee.38f0576f8d3747f096e55056dc07f3a1
User ID = 28271343321

You’ll need to generate your own this is just an example.


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